Student Advice & Lessons of Life

Topics of health including legal & illegal substance abuse to the importance of breakfast to the important topics of abuse or suicide. Many students practice unhealthy life choices out of ignorance or just not knowing any better. So the purpose of this page isto not onlydispelmyths behind what is healthy and what is not, but to alsogive students a resource of help if it is need.
Teens, as well adults, often need help in the area of relationships. Whether it's getting over a break up or how to choose your friends, there are things people just don't think about. Also, it's no secret that teenagers may have conflict with their parents and I've added advice on that as well. I've included some guidance on how to treat your boy/girl friends too.
Students, especially freshmen, have little to no plan of attack when it comes to their educational future. This link is meant to help guide and inspire students. Advice on how to prepare oneself for college and/or career, rules of academic honesty, and even how to combat senioritis are included in this informational
Facebook and Twitter give people an opportunity to communicate and network, but also allow them to slander or embarrass themselves and others. Young people need to know the risks of social networking sites.
Mr. Driemeier's preferred lessons of life, candid quotes, enlightening articles, and amiable videos. People should know that not all things posted in this section of the website are the opinions of Mr. Driemeier or the school district, but are meant to have students think about life and society.
If you learn how to study in high school, not only will it help your grades now,but you will already know how to study when you get to college.