WORLD HISTORY Ch. 7&9 Study Guide

  1. Textiles
  2. Speeds weaving
  3. Spun multiple threads kept up with speed of weaving
  4. water-powered spinning frame developed by Richard Arkwright
  5. separate seeds from raw cotton.
  6. Putting out system, cotton goes from house to house until it becomes fabric/clothes
  7. larger farms.
  8. watt
  9. Railroads did not have to follow the course of a river.
  10. reform child labor.
  11. employers could pay women less than men.
  12. labor organization.
  13. disease was a natural means of population control.
  14. Wage increases will not raise the standard of living of poor families.
  15. utilitarianism
  16. a general rise in the standard of living
  17. an unrestricted free market.
  18. Jeremy Bentham
  19. created prosperity for a few and poverty for many.
  20. shared ownership by the people of the means of production.
  21. Japanese political leaders placed a high priority on modernization.
  22. Michael Faraday.
  23. assembly line
  24. population of Europe exploded between 1800 and 1900
  25. Social Darwinism
  26. political stability.
  27. Great Britain
  28. internal combustion engine
  29. corporation
  30. they couldn’t vote
  31. Dmitri Mendeleyev
  32. writers of the realism movement