MR. DRIEMEIER'S  Citizenship

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Instructor: Harold L. Driemeier III

Location: Trailer 4A


Office Hours: M,T,Th,F: 7:40-8:27am & Wed: 8:40-9:22am

Grade Level: 10

Credit: 1

Prerequisites: None


Course Rationale:Citizenship is a year-long course designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become an active, responsible Missouri and U.S. citizen.

Course Description and Objectives:1st-3rdQuarters the focus is the U.S. Constitution, including how it was created, the three branches of government, the Bill of Rights, the political/electoral process, and responsibilities of citizenship. Comprehensive U.S. and Missouri Constitution tests, state requirements for graduation, will be given at the end of each unit. You are expected to score in the proficient or advanced range on the Government End-Of-Course (EOC) test given near the end of 2nd Semester. During 4th Quarter, the focus is the Missouri Constitution, including early state history, the three branches of state government, and city/county government. You will be expected to actively participate in class discussions/debates, cooperative learning activities, class presentations, journal writing, and internet research projects.


1st Semester & 3rd Quarter:

Prentice Hall Civics:Government and Economics in Action (2009, Pearson)

4th Quarter:

Missouri Studies:Government and Constitution (2005, Cloud Publishing)

Note:We have only classrooms copies of the above books, so textbook readings and assignments will be done in class. They will be checked out to students only by special arrangement. Students will have access to the online version of the textbook and will be given login information in class.

Needed Supplies:

(1) Notebook Paper

(1) 1”-1.5” 3 ring binder

Writing Utensils

Homework Policy

* Homework make up 25-50% of grade.

* Assignments must be turned in on time for full credit.

* My PASS assignments only include Tests & Projects (or research papers). Refer to the PASS policy in the student handbook for more information about making up assignments.

* Grading, Attendance, Make Up/Re-Do Work, Tardy, Academic Dishonesty (Cheating), Technology Misconduct, Cell Phone, and Food and Beverages Policies:

Please refer to the student handbook for these policies.

Course Expectations

* Have a notebook in which to complete journal assignments and take notes and a binder in which to keep completed work.

* Pay attention in class and copy notes on the SmartBoard.

* Carefully read all reading assignments.

* Bring needed materials to class each day.

* Work on in-class assignments and complete all homework on time.

* Develop and use writing, communication, and critical-thinking skills.

* Actively participate in class discussions.

* Work cooperatively with other students.

Class Rules

* Be in seated when the bell rings.

* Talk only at appropriate times.

* Raise your hand and be acknowledged before you talk.

* Stay in seat during class.

* Keep cell phones off and put up at all times.

* Show respect to other students and their property.

* Show respect to the teacher.

Bell Ringer Sheet (PUB 1.53 MB)
A bell ringer is a short activity that can be completed while you take attendance, collect homework, or other small chores

Seminar Sheet ( 11 KB)
Students read an article from a newspaper, internet, or a magazine. They then write a paragraph describing what they've learned and another paragraph about their feels or opinion on the matter. The information and supported opinion may then end up being presented to the class.


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