Missouri Options Program

Missouri Options Purpose

 The Missouri Options Program serves students who are significantly behind in credits. This program will allow students to receive a Festus High School diploma with their cohort/graduating class or soon after.

 Program Requirements

  •  Student must be 17 years or older.
  • ·Student must be at least one year or more behind their cohort (kindergarten) class.
  • ·Student must read on an 11th grade reading level which will be measured by taking the TABE test.
  • ·Student must have an approved job or volunteer position working 15 hours a week or more.
  • Student must have transportation home, to work, and to the HiSET test site.

 Requirements to Obtain a Festus High School Diploma

  • The student must have passed Health, Personal Finance, Citizenship, the Missouri Constitution test, and the United States Constitution test. If the student still needs these courses, they will take these subjects in the Missouri Options classroom.
  • The student must complete the following End-of-Course tests: Biology, Algebra I, English II, and Government (Citizenship).
  • The student will study the five subjects that are on the HiSET examination: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science.
  • The student must work or volunteer 15 or more hours each week. The student must pass the HiSET examination.
  • Once the student passes the HiSET examination, he no longer will attend school. However, the student must work or volunteer 30 hours a week until graduation, checking in with the instructor once a week or every payday. 5th year seniors graduate immediately.

 Additional Information

  • Be advised that some students will not be eligible to participate in high school extra-curricular sport activities under the rules of MSHSAA.
  • Student will have the opportunity to participate in the May graduation ceremony when the program has been successfully completed.
  • A student will have ONE opportunity to complete the program. Reinstatement in the Missouri Options Program will not be available.
  • IEP and 504 accommodations are available. Please see the instructor for more information.

Please click on the links below for an application and contract for this program.

Missouri Options Application

Missouri Options Contract